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The Official Website
of the
Ogden-based Ameteur Ghost Hunters


Ogden Ghost Chasers

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Co-Presidents and Coordinators: Eddie and Amanda
Film Editor: Deandra
Photographers and Recorders: Kris and Rachael

Just a quick FYI...
We are now the ghost hunters formerly known as SJPRS... As some of you know, we were originally the St. Joseph Paranormal Research Society, so named because Amanda thinks St. Joseph was one really nifty guy, and cuz we go to St. Joe's High. However, apparently, St. Joe’s Catholic High is a wee bit picky about using “their” name (we forgot about the Catholic schools’ automatic rights to trademarks. [I’m kidding, by the way]). So, after Eddie and Amanda were called into the Dean’s office, we changed it to (drum roll, please) Ogden Ghost Chasers, or OGC. So yeah. But just cuz our name changed, we're still the same old crazy ghost hunting freaks as ever!...
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Paranormal, Haunting, Planet X, Cloning, Supernatural, and anything Unexplained!